elena platon
Elena Platon, PhD
Head of the institute of Romanian Language as a European Language

Faculty of Letters,  Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

Associate Professor of Asia Pacific Studies
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Robert Crane
Robert Crane, PhD
Specialist in Cross Cultural Understanding

Kumiko Tsutsui
Kumiko Tsutsui, PhD
Associate Professor in the Education
Development and Learning Support Center

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Professor of Development Economics
College of International Management
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Robert Crane

 Dr. Robert Crane. Specialist in Cross Cultural Understanding. Having worked in the field of management education for over thirty years, Dr. Robert Crane has built a solid reputation for competence in the areas of international development, cross-cultural business applications and institutional entrepreneurship in eastern and Western Europe and North America. Throughout his career he has been involved with such management institutions as the J. L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University near Chicago, EM-Lyon in France and the International Management Center (now the Business School of the Central European University) in Budapest. He has developed and/or run customized programs for executives for such firms as Baker & McKensie (one of the world's largest law firms), McKinsey and Company, Societe Generale, Bouygues and others.
Specialties: Interfaith understanding, Islam in the World, Cross Cultural Relations, Needs Analyses and Program Development for MNEs, Cross Cultural Management and Negotiation


Who should attend

We invite educators, researchers, Ph.D. students and all professionals working in both public & private sectors to submit the extended abstracts for the Conference.